Story in the latest Needle

Been waiting on this one. Think I wrote this story almost two years back. Tons of great writers have shown up in here:

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For the three silly people following along

The first draft of the novel is done. In first wave of edits now.

Another short story draft is done. In first wave of edits now.

I’m reloading the webpage of a popular noir magazine, as I’m in the next issue and can’t wait for it to be available. Probably my best work to date.

Otherwise it’s family, writing, work, and Twitter, kids. That’s it.

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An actual blog post

The latest first draft is going well. Almost too well. I’m at 25000 words, I don’t hate the thing, and the arc of the plot and characters is more or less on target for the overall length of the book.

Obviously I’m screwed.

But in reality this is encouraging. I haven’t felt this way on a book since, well, since the last book I actually finished. Three years ago.

Yes–after the first draft this version of me will go hide. The ugly side will come out and read the novel and scream and cut large swaths through the draft. As you do. As you should do. But that version needs to stay away for the time being. I’m in exactly the correct frame of mind to get this sucker done.

Damn it all if I don’t think this might work yet.

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Empire State – Worldbuilder

I’ve got a story up at the Empire State Worldbuilder site. If you haven’t read Empire State, you should. It’s a great pulp/alternate world/superhero book by Adam Christopher, and Worldbuilder is the related shared world project.

The story is called When Her Ship Came In.

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Another tiny ray of sunlight

I’ve got another story up – hit a while ago but never posted to my site.

Real True Facts. Up at The Flash Fiction Offensive.

Again, another site full of solid writers. Go. Read.

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