Crazy talk

This may be wildly unpopular to ask, but two questions:

1: Was the recent Iranian election actually rigged, or is there just a vocal minority (I’m just asking)?
2: Is the other guy any better? I don’t know anything about him–is he likely to lift the “Great Satan” tag, or just hate us less?

Sincere questions. I am ignorant of the answers.

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The doldrums

I fast approach the thirty thousand word mark in my new novel. This is the danger zone, the portion of the novel-writing process where it is “oh so easy” to consider the whole enterprise a piece of shiite and toss it over in favor of television or video game zombie-blasting or that bottle of Smirnoff you’ve been saving for a rainy day (cheapskate–I mean Smirrnoff, really?). This is the make or break point for novel writers. Passing it guarantees nothing, but cutting and running at this point can become a crutch, and it’s easier to bail the more times you hit thirty and go “eh, the next one will be better”. While working on the last novel I made myself power through, and I intend to do the same this time.

First step on that road? Cease the blogging wankery.

Later, Internets. I’m off to write another ten thousand, and then some.

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Work or Play?

Recently I’ve been considering just what I want this blog to be, and whether I want the focus to remain on my writing, or whether I’ll leak in other bits of my life, such as my career in IT. My VP friend Anthony Ha triggered my ruminations via a Tweet and linkage to this article at The Rumpus. Is it enough to blog about my writing, when I spend the bulk of my time performing a vastly different function?

This post is somewhat of a setup, as I’ve already made the decision on the writing/work balance, but it’s still an interesting question. I’m inclined to agree with the article’s premise, which is that writer’s don’t write about their respective day jobs because “it’s not where their passion lies”. I’ve been conflicted over my investment level in work for a while now, but I think I’m gaining some clarity. IT, specifically the system administration and managerial portions I have experience in, interests me. Many facets of the industry and the job–the parts that have become a commodity–no longer interest me, but I think there are still areas where “the art of IT” can be practiced. It’s just getting harder to find those gigs.

Anyway, the simple fact that I’m interested enough to blog about it means I have some shred of interest left. I can’t write about writing 24×7–even I hit a limit on navel gazing.

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What’s old is new

I composed my earlier post in a fit of delusion and under the influence of ignorance. Before I discovered that existing iPhone users would not be subsidized. Before I discovered a new iPhone would cost me nearly $500.

Urge to buy new shiny…falling.

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New iPhone

I feel the urge for new shiny. It is growing.

New iPhone. It is coming!

I missed the first generation of iPhone, but eagerly hopped on board for the second wave. I’ve been very happy with it, despite some of its quirks (no cut & paste–seriously?). Many of those quirks, like the cut & paste, are supposed to be rectified via the version 3.0 software upgrade. However, there’s new hardware coming. Do I need it? Of course not. Do I want it?

Well, ask me again on Monday.

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