A new idea

The idea entered my head a few days ago that I was out of story ideas. The concept mildly alarmed me–I’m only a third of the way into my present novel, and I still occasionally prod a work-in-progress short story with a mental stick. In short, I’m not terribly in need of a new idea.


But I’m working on these pieces and some days thrashing more than writing, and I started to wonder if the well was dry. Already. Washed up before I’d begun. And then today I’m reading a news article when I stumble across a bit of history and, just like my first stillborn attempt at a novel, I fashion the premise for a historical fiction story right then and there.

I am happy and sad for me.

There is, as mentioned, a half-finished historical fiction novel already consuming bits and bytes on my computer. Someday I feel I’ll go back to it, when I’m a stronger writer. While writing that first historical fiction story I felt like a third grader trying to drive a car–it was fun, but I wasn’t ready for it. So with that challenge already in the queue, do I really need another historical fiction idea, set in the same city no less?

It’s not really a question. I’m thinking of the story and I’ve got this sad grin, because I’m looking forward to writing it one day, and knowing what a challenge it’s going to be to do it.

Writers. What is wrong with us?

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Recent happenings:

* Winnings of near $200 in Vegas
* Roughly 500 words written this evening to bring the page total for unsold novel number two to 118 pages
* That’s nearly 32000 words
* And I netted about $30 at the horse track

A wise man once said “I don’t need help. I just need more credit.”

Subject-wise this post is all over the place. Just deal.

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More iPhone weirdness

Not to become the “all iPhone, all the time” blog, but am I the only one with wireless connectivity issues on their iPhone? I get signal strength issues in places where I previously had no such issues. My house, for example. Laptop fine, can roam all the same places. My iPhone, post 3.0–no such luck.

I suppose I could just set the dang thing down for a while and deal with real life. The concept is mind-blowing.

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IPhone 3.0

So although I’m not buying the new iPhone, I did take the plunge on the 3.0 upgrade. Worked just dandy. Sor I’m enjoying the landscaped mail, and have suprised myself by using the voice notes (hello to recording my parking location at airports).

Is it slower? I’ve seen speculation, but at the moment I’m unsure.

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Lest the previous post confuse you, I’m all for Iranian freedom. I’m just not sure what a majority of the people on the ground are thinking.

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