Maybe an acceptance?

I have strong indications that one of my short stories was accepted for publication. Don’t want to jinx it until it’s all finalized, but things are looking good.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance.

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In which I am an idiot

Why am I only now watching the Guild? I thought I lived in a geek cave, but apparently it was the low-rent cave without any high quality stalagmites or stalactites or quotes from the Guild like “I’m a HinJew”.

I was a fool.

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The making of stuffz

I love that I work at a place that produces something. And not a pants something, or a shirt something, at least not in the generic sense. Games. Music. Characters. Story. Art.

Neat fun stuff.

There were sacrifices to get here, but it’s been so worth it. It reminds me why I enjoy writing, and gets me off my ass such that I actually produce something of my own.

Enough of teh blogging. I must go make my characters do something.

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The yips

For 18 months I submitted at least one short story to at least one publication. And then, in July, something broke.

Don’t know what, but it broke good. Short stories weren’t working. I was sick of all my work, especially the short cutesy work. I plowed back into my novel, but I’d been doing novel work off and on during the previous 18 months, so I’m not sure why my ability to do two things at once ceased to function. Thankfully I didn’t try to walk and chew gum at the same time.

But October has changed things. I’m back on the horse, so to speak. Two stories out now, and two of my strongest to date.

At any rate, fingers crossed. If these two fail, there’s always attempt number 41. And we all know what number comes after that.

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Not a bad year

Things are looking up over here.

I have some family additions on the way, and they appear happy and healthy.

I sold a non-fiction piece, which in the grand pantheon of writerly achievement may be small, but for me looms quite large.

I have a professional change coming up that I’m hugely excited about, and I think will shine some happiness into all corners of my life.

Just thought I would acknowledge all of the above. You never know when everything will go to crap, and I want to have this moment to savor.

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