In lieu of actual content

I give you a new theme.

Otherwise, what do I have to tell?

I still work at Gearbox Software. It’s still awesome. Go buy Borderlands and all the DLCs.

My short story Netherhouse Liquidation continues to be available at A Thousand Faces.

I made these.

Cool, aren’t they?

And that’s it. It will have to be enough.

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Netherhouse Liquidation on A Thousand Faces

Apparently I do still write.

My short story “Netherhouse Liquidation” went up on A Thousand Faces last week. Go me.

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Where I bow to a meme

Usually I avoid memes but this one seemed fun.

First lines.

So the first lines to every story I still poke with a stick:

White Package:
Lorowski called him from a payphone.

You get treatment, you die.

Tate picked her up right in front of the house.

The Great White Hunter Gets A Massage:
Rachel Wallis noticed the man right away.

The Final Tasting:
Neil Rogers celebrated his eighty-third and final tasting on the lawn of the All-England Club under the milky blue light of a full moon.

Elyse presented the ice-sculpted likeness of the King on All Seasons Day.

Step one is telling him to put down the gun.

The Invisible Man died a week ago today.

Not Spain:
He was not in Spain.

I see the Strawmen duck under the yellow tape and I know they’re here to see the body.

Nine Tenths:
I hate Bob Seger.

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Babies and a story

Uh, yeah.
Been busy.

Also, Red Radishes has gone up at A Twist of Noir.

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To finally update the blog and in no way related to writing

Babies be coming. Somewheres after 9:00PM CST.


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