Back from Viable Paradise

I’m back from VP, after the long long long haul. I was fortunate to duck bad weather and baby hurricanes. Getting up at 5:45AM helped, although I didn’t feel that way at the time (having gone to bed at 2:30 the night before).

So to describe the experience…


Two analogies formed for me during and after VP XII:

  • My writing is juggling. I’m a beginning juggler who should be juggling three balls. Instead, I’m juggling three chainsaws. Meaning I’m making things too complicated.
  • I went to VP thinking I was in a car that needed a tune-up. Maybe there was a busted taillight, at most. I arrived and was informed the engine was shot and all the tired bald. Meaning my work has a long way to go.

Depressing? Certainly.

Necessary? Same answer.

So Moneymaker will get a rewrite, I expect. Not ready to start yet, although I’m surprised to discover I’m already thinking about ways to fix it.

Every minute of VP was great for me, and I should be a better writer in the days and weeks ahead. No small thanks to the instructors, staff, and fellow students for that.

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Razor and Smith see their fifteen

Razor and Smith published on McSweeney’s. Yeah me.

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Small scale success

I’m getting a humor bit published in McSweeneys at the end of July. This means I am invincible, as far as I can see.

I’ve also been invited to Viable Paradise. (Well, I am paying for the privilege, but still).

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Not a Blog

Jeff Macfee is a writer and IT Manager. He is the author of the unpublished novel Moneymaker, which will be published somewhere, someday.

Resume available here.

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Everyone likes a hard worker

Apparently working a full time job consumes one’s writing time. Odd that my output has fallen now that I take orders from “the man”.

So, as my three readers will have deduced, blog entries will be posted infrequently.

Quick updates

  • Moneymaker rewrite proceding. I’ve got thirty new pages, which means more cuts lurk in the future. Halfway done I think, but been saying that for two months.
  • Wrote another short story better than the last short story, but I suspect to be equally as rejected.
  • Applied to Viable Paradise. Maybe pretending to be a writer for a week will do the trick. At the very least I’ll enjoy nice surroundings.
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