It’s not a habit it’s cool

I won’t keep doing this, but I’d like to note I’ve put 1300 words on the page today. It’s nice because I hadn’t really produced anything for three days.

The words have gone into the new short I’m working on. I had the first part written a couple of months ago, and got some really nice feedback on it. Only problem was the story wasn’t finished, or rather it wasn’t a story so much as an incident. I’m shoring that problem up with beams of plot and wants and needs.

And was VP really a month ago? Really?

Must go. A small child requires assistance with his Batcave…

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Apple continues to abuse me

My iPhone decided to “brick” itself today. Just stopped working, leaving only a crisp image of a USB cable and an iTunes icon frozen on my screen. Oddly enough, a friend at work had the same thing happen to his iPhone today. Nothing for it but to restore the factory settings…once I could get home and connect the thing to my Mac.

Meaning dead phone all day.

I couldn’t change my Facebook status. No Gmail. No Livejournal. Nothing but work all day long, for crying out loud! It was like caveman days!!! Can I use more horrid exclamations!!!?

So thus I wax cats, instead of writing. Once the iPhone restores itself, and I reload all my music, contacts, and apps, I’ll be out of excuses. But then, I did finish the latest draft of my VP short just last night. That’s good for something, right? Right?

I would never take this kind of abuse from Microsoft. I drink the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid.

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Dying time is here

And today I began again.

Moneymaker, Draft Five (sigh) began today. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hopeless a moment as I’d thought. Normally I’m not one for word counts, but I did bang out a quick 570 words. The opening scene was the same, but some characters disappeared or merged or even changed genders. The payoff from VP begins right here.

Once I get rolling I should pound out about 2000 words a day. Fingers crossed.

And Manny the dead horse is now Charlie the dead horse, to protect the names of the fictional. Just so you know.

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Have to say it was a good day

Today wasn’t working in a coal mine.

I saw a good friend get married, and she was really happy, and that kind of pure happiness is nice to see.

I didn’t get called by work (the un-fun kind of work that isn’t writing).

I finished the third draft of my VP short. Off it goes to my first reader (Mrs. Jeff) and should she bless it, I kick it to my VP fellows for proper abuse.

A good day.

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In which my rejection letters improve.

So I sent out a short story before VP that I thought was some of my best writing ever. In truth, it was my best writing ever. But after VP I knew what was wrong with the story.

It wasn’t a story.

Since VP I’ve been hoping I pulled one over on the target submission, but I’m not quite that clever. They called me on the story’s lack of a story, and a loose end that I though was mysterious and they just thought was a loose end. But…the letter did take the title of nicest rejection I’ve received so far. The rejection was personalized, and it mentioned several positives about the depth and interaction of the characters. Everything I learned at VP has been reinforced, and I might (might) be able to fix the story.

I’m not there yet, but I feel closer.

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