The gospel according to Steve

A third iPhone? Really?

I am a bit of a Mac tool, and I’ve completely eradicated Windows from my house. I’m still proud of that, and I miss it not at all. I’ve had markedly fewer crashes on my last two Mac laptops than any PC that preceded them.


But my iPhone, which I love to use, goes belly-up entirely too often. I owned a 3G less than a month before it tanked. I took it to the unfortunately named Genius Bar and it was kindly replaced, so I thought little of it. But now, four months later, I’ve had to replace it again, and this time not for free. I’m not playing handball with the thing–for crying out loud my last pre-iPhone phone went through the wash and still worked. What gives?

I’m not defecting, not yet. When it works, the iPhone apps and flexibility and near-perfect user interface are still for me. But I’m watching the market (yes, this means you Android). Might be I’ll have to give up one kind of snobbery and replace it with another. Steve Jobs may not have a death grip on me after all.

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