Man, it’s nearly been a year.

Nearly a year since VPXII. Now a whole new crop of aspiring writers are getting all excited about going to VPXII…I. I am now an oldster. Those guys from the last class–won’t they shut up already? How quickly it all happened.

I wish I had stories of novels published and accolades won. I don’t, not yet. I’m not on the verge of selling (or even completing) my latest novel, and my short stories are quite likely stuck in a rut.


VP taught me a lot, even if I never publish word one. And I met people I’d have never otherwise met, and I keep in touch with a great many of them. Bittersweet though it may be, it’s still a great memory, and something I can look forward to thinking about at least once a year, as a whole new class gets ready to share in the fun.

Best of luck next month, all of you VPXIII’ers.

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