Odds and ends

* The dogs are howling something fierce. Not my dogs, as I have a cat. Good god–what if the cat is howling?
* My family dynamic may be changing. Read into that what you will. Some of you know what I’m talking about (Internets, I’m looking at you).
* I achieved my 35th story rejection since I’ve been tracking such things. Picked up two acceptances along the way, although nothing paying. Only one story is currently about and about, which is unusual for me. What does it mean? It means my spreadsheet can count to 37 (35, not counting the acceptances).
* If I was to say “not counting the mezzanine”, would anyone get it?
* Should I apply to Clarion next year? I’m thinking I have no business applying, as the realities of acceptance are unavoidable. Six weeks, away from wife and child? I don’t think I’ve banked enough husband points for that. Besides, maybe I’m beyond teaching.
* What type of glass do you use for $6 wine? Plastic? One of those hats with cups built into the side? I’d hate to be gauche.

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