Male 37 seeks fun

Exactly the kind of blog header likely to keep me from ever obtaining another job.

I find something lacking in my career of late, and that is…fun. True–work is called work for a reason. Everyone has days where there is more labor than anything else, more getting through the day than living the day. But I maintain that shouldn’t be the dominant state of affairs. You should enjoy what you do for a living–it should excite you. On many days you should want to do what you’re doing. You should leave family and loved ones to actually read or study or exercise the talent that aligns with what you do for a living,whatever that may be. I’m struggling to find that lately. It happens once in a blue moon, but truly, how often do you see a blue moon?

Fingers crossed that I get it all figured out, and the whole situation isn’t some male approaching 40’s nonsense that I’ll look back on and laugh in ten years. Even if it is, I need something to get me through.

As this blog is titled, maybe it will all work out in the end.

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