Work or Play?

Recently I’ve been considering just what I want this blog to be, and whether I want the focus to remain on my writing, or whether I’ll leak in other bits of my life, such as my career in IT. My VP friend Anthony Ha triggered my ruminations via a Tweet and linkage to this article at The Rumpus. Is it enough to blog about my writing, when I spend the bulk of my time performing a vastly different function?

This post is somewhat of a setup, as I’ve already made the decision on the writing/work balance, but it’s still an interesting question. I’m inclined to agree with the article’s premise, which is that writer’s don’t write about their respective day jobs because “it’s not where their passion lies”. I’ve been conflicted over my investment level in work for a while now, but I think I’m gaining some clarity. IT, specifically the system administration and managerial portions I have experience in, interests me. Many facets of the industry and the job–the parts that have become a commodity–no longer interest me, but I think there are still areas where “the art of IT” can be practiced. It’s just getting harder to find those gigs.

Anyway, the simple fact that I’m interested enough to blog about it means I have some shred of interest left. I can’t write about writing 24×7–even I hit a limit on navel gazing.

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