In which I unlearn what I have learned

So yeah for me and my iron-willed deletion of 7000 of 7600 words. Except now I’ve restored every crappy little word.

I was right the first time. Keep writing. Plow on through and move the story along and fix all but the most dire of mistakes at the end. I tried–twice–to work the story from another angle. I wrote sober. I wrote not sober. I did not eat them on a boat, I did not eat them on a goat, etc. Flat, flat, flat. Not acting, not genius. So finally, at my wit’s end, I went back to the beginning. To word 7601.

Lo and behold it actually frigging worked.

I’m not saying it’s all perfection, but it’s not as bad as I thought. And the story is rocking and rolling into chapter deux now. You’d think I’d know better than to toss that much by now, especially in the first draft. The second draft is for exclaiming “this is the worst drivel ever put to page!” The first draft is for realizing “I am the second coming of Christ!” Or something like that. Point being, the first draft is for getting the dang thing finished. Period.

Eh. What do I know?

I know I’m at word 8354. Fingers crossed I keep going.

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