In lieu of content I give you a list

My brain resists all attempts to wring creative blogging from it, so instead I note my writing goals for 2009:

1. Finish the short story I’m working on, which features the same characters and setting as my new novel-in-progress.
2. Finish the new novel-in-progress (at least first draft).
3. Come up with at least one non-fiction piece to shop (as the last batch seems to have encountered fail).
4. Sell that dang Rose story, in some form, somewhere. I know there’s good buried in it, dang it!
5. Bang out one if not two of the other shorts cluttering my hard drive. Completion status ranges from three-quarters done to finished first draft, but I want polished and submit-able here, people. Maybe combine the two drafts into one? (Hmm…not a bad idea).

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