Privy to the new stuff

It took three months but today I started what is definitively a new novel. “Moneymaker”, while not dead, is going to a convalescent home. “Breach of Peace”, or possibly just “Breach”, is my new baby. I don’t want to spill too much information as of yet, but it is a bit more upbeat and fun than “Moneymaker”. It may also have a flying guitar–I’m not yet sure.

Why three months? Honestly–VP. Don’t get me wrong. I have all the same newbie-writer VP love all the other grads have. But (we all have a big but, Jeff–let’s talk about yours) VP dumped so much in the way of writing fundamentals, I eventually froze. The occasional short story was no problem (writing–selling is another matter), but long-form stuff was just this Everest for me. Building fundamentals takes time, I suppose.

In essence, I grok all and will soon be a famous writer and live on the French Riveria. Alienate me at your own peril.

I kid. I’d never live in France.

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