The one without sea shanties

I may have started a new novel, but I’m not quite sure.

I’ve got a story, and it’s a bit different from the heavy noir bits I’m been writing. I’ve got a ship on an ocean, some kids that are also prisoners, and some of the usual suspects that may be helpful or may be evil folk or may just be looking out for themselves. There’s also treasure and blackmail and superpowers. Think I’ve stuffed enough in there?

The story blends elements that were half-baked into my older stories, but they seem to work better in this context than the earlier ones. I’m excited to be writing what might be a novel, someday. After VP, as I held the butchered remains of Moneymaker in my hands, I wasn’t sure what was next. Maybe this is it.

My goal is to craft a self-contained chapter, a piece that works as a short story but also as part of a longer narrative. Time will tell, I suppose.

If only I can work aliens and vampires into this as well…

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