Apple continues to abuse me

My iPhone decided to “brick” itself today. Just stopped working, leaving only a crisp image of a USB cable and an iTunes icon frozen on my screen. Oddly enough, a friend at work had the same thing happen to his iPhone today. Nothing for it but to restore the factory settings…once I could get home and connect the thing to my Mac.

Meaning dead phone all day.

I couldn’t change my Facebook status. No Gmail. No Livejournal. Nothing but work all day long, for crying out loud! It was like caveman days!!! Can I use more horrid exclamations!!!?

So thus I wax cats, instead of writing. Once the iPhone restores itself, and I reload all my music, contacts, and apps, I’ll be out of excuses. But then, I did finish the latest draft of my VP short just last night. That’s good for something, right? Right?

I would never take this kind of abuse from Microsoft. I drink the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid.

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