Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen is three extra chapters of writing, as compared to the last draft, and includes roughly twenty more pages. Does this matter? I don’t know.

I now understand why the big landmine of a scene, the “this scene is important scene” from my last blog post, was causing me such stress. Because it was poorly conceived the first time. It wasn’t, and I hate to use this word, organic. It wasn’t occurring naturally, characters appeared randomly and without proper motivation–it was classic bad implementation.

Organic. Sigh. I will try and refrain from the use of the word “energy”.

At any rate, I have navigated that troublesome scene. Even now I still have the highs and lows, where one day the writing and editing just flies by, and other days I question the whole enterprise and wonder if I wouldn’t be better off with just the day job. All it takes is a few moments wasted time on the Internets, however, and I see just about every writer admits to this problem, throughout their career.

Wo hoo. It never goes away, apparently.

I’m looking forward to today’s writing. The next few scenes are strong, and all they need is a bit of polish, I think. So no more time wasting in blog-land.

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