Chapter Eleven and Writing Gridlock

The Moneymaker rewrite is proceeding decently, and I would have said “great” before today. I was blasting through a scene, reveling in my artistic genius, when it hit me. This scene is important. I’ve got four or five main characters all in one room, with differing agendas, many of whom have been after the main character for most of the book. Agendas long put off are now going to be dragged into the spotlight.

And I’m just breezing through the scene. Not in a good way, I don’t think.

So everything ground to a halt. I’ve had to make sure I consider all the agendas, and whether they’ll be brought up, dismissed, sidetracked, or just plain sat on. It’s a big tangled knot in my head and even three Diet Cokes hasn’t helped yet.

To make things worse, I sidetracked myself by considering some writing contests, hunting for freelance work, considering then dismissing the impossible-to-schedule Clarion, considering then dismissing the more possible but still probably not a good use of time Viable Paradise, and finally just bagging the whole thing to instead waste time on the Internets.

What all my friends and family probably assume I am doing in the first place.

Maybe all the twists of turns of this Moneymaker scene will get sorted after some pizza and wine and sleep. If nothing else, I will still have pizza and wine.

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