Chapter Nine and the New Stuff

I am now privy to the new sh*t. Rolled into the troubled parts of the book and came out with entirely new scenes. Even better, I like them. Now this judgement is pre-reread, but the scenes and direction feel more solid, more right, than the first time. I’m not sure if this path I’m on will meander its way back to the original destinations, but, in what I hope is a good sign, I’m no longer really concerned about it. I’ve found a reason for one of my minor characters to exist, and I’m really enjoying their voice as well. If this sounds like a bunch of writer crap, well, what can I say but that I love me some me.

Although I chopped maybe eight pages worth of material yesterday, I’ve written about fifteen new pages. And I know of at least six new scenes that have to be written. Thus, this rewrite is likely to make the book longer. No big deal, as I was hovering around 80k words as it was. Plenty of room to grow, and after the rewrite I’m sure there will be another draft, a draft likely to consist largely of cuts. I do expect that the heavy lifting will be mostly done at that point.

So hurrah for me.

Roughly a month to make as much progress as I can before the job. Go writer Jeff, go.

And I go see Jumper tomorrow. Hope it’s good and not all teenagey angst Anakin bs., or Life as a House angst. Please, no angst.

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