Scary Chapter Eight

Scary in that Chapter Eight is the part of the first draft where, to use a writer’s term, everything blew off the freaking rails. Yes. I believe that is the term.

I am hoping the changes I’ve made thus far, and the additional thought I’ve put into character actions and reactions, will make the initially nettlesome problems from draft one just sort of disappear. That may sound like magic, but its been real work thus far. It would be nice to see it pay off.

Nearly one whole chapter lies cut on the table in front of me. As I’ve added in nearly a chapter’s worth of material since I started the rewrite, it doesn’t bother me. Well, not much, anyway.

One month until I start the new job in ernest. I’m looking forward to it, and figuring out how to balance my work/life/writing time. It will be nice to have the Lincolns again. As countless writers on the Internets have said, writing isn’t all that healthy for the bank account. Certainly not my writing, which remains unpublished.

More after I plunge into Chapter Nine.

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