The Craziness

It’s amazing how time can fly when you are getting a job and traveling and getting sick and traveling again.

Moneymaker, draft 2.5, is now somewhere in Chapter Six. A good chunk of the unanswered questions of the book have now been answered, to my satisfaction, in my head. I still have a loose end or two I need to tie off, or at least cut, but this draft should be better than the one before. Wo-hoo for me.

In March I’ll be returning to the IT world and full time work. Writing will now have to be squeezed in around family and food and exercise and free time. Now that I know I can write a novel, I’m thinking it will be easier to make myself write during my precious free time. Everything will take longer, certainly, but it doesn’t matter so long as I do it.

At any rate, for the people reading my blog (namely my brother) I’ll be posting less frequently over the next month or two, while I mess with moving (the new job entails a move to Austin) and getting settled in the job and selling a house and buying a house…

I’m tired just typing it all.

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