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Chapter Eleven and Writing Gridlock

The Moneymaker rewrite is proceeding decently, and I would have said “great” before today. I was blasting through a scene, reveling in my artistic genius, when it hit me. This scene is important. I’ve got four or five main characters … Continue reading

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Chapter Ten in rewrite-land

So the rewrite is definitely longer, as I’m into Chapter Ten now, which is only Chapter Eight in the first draft. And I might, might, be getting back to revisions of the original material, rather than writing new material. I … Continue reading

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Jumper….oh the humanity

Wow. What a mess. Jumper. Either I’m carsick or that movie was really bad. Maybe both. I haven’t assimilated the true badness yet. I’ve never had a proctology exam, but I imagine it’s something like what I just experienced. How’s … Continue reading

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Chapter Nine and the New Stuff

I am now privy to the new sh*t. Rolled into the troubled parts of the book and came out with entirely new scenes. Even better, I like them. Now this judgement is pre-reread, but the scenes and direction feel more … Continue reading

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Scary Chapter Eight

Scary in that Chapter Eight is the part of the first draft where, to use a writer’s term, everything blew off the freaking rails. Yes. I believe that is the term. I am hoping the changes I’ve made thus far, … Continue reading

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