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The Weekend Assignment

There’s a project up on AOL journals called “Weekend Assignment”, meant, I believe, to stimulate good blog conversation. It’s being run by Karen Funk Blocher. Today’s question was: “How is the WGA strike affecting you as a viewer? What show … Continue reading

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A new editing approach and some longhand

I am discovering that my approach to editing was a classic beginner’s approach. Meaning wrong. I was zooming to a detail level unnecessary at this stage, and possibly counter-productive. I kept getting caught in sentence level fixes, rather than flow … Continue reading

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Me waste time now

Editing is painfully slow today. I’ve tried everything — lunch, diet coke, listening to No Diggity. None of it worked. So instead of trying harder, I thought I would take pictures of my office. Enjoy. A picture of Draft One. … Continue reading

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Update and Chapter Two

I lied. Or rather, I was wrong. Apparently when I see my wife with a sheet of paper I leap to the conclusion that it MUST be my draft, because what else would one possibly carry about but MY WORK … Continue reading

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The horror of someone else reading your baby

My wife is reading the first chapter of my second draft right now. This is the first time, EVER, I’ve exposed my work to someone else. Well, not entirely true. I’ve workshopped a bit, but that is other folks in … Continue reading

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