Cloverfield – awesome

Just saw Cloverfield, and it was better than I though it would be. Intense, thought the characters were true to the setting and the situations, really well done. Some reviews called out the “vapid and shallow twenty-something characters”. Well…it’s NYC, and the characters are supposed to be in their twenties. I’d say vapid and shallow is the norm. Hell, I was in my thirties when I lived in New York, and I was fairly vapid and shallow. So there you go.

Other viewers felt it capitalized on the horrors and phobias we carry over from 9/11. Well, I did think of 9/11 once or twice. But come on — we’re going to let terrorists dictate movie content now? It’s a movie. We can’t knock down buildings in movies any more? I didn’t feel Cloverfield tried to exploit this connection in any way. Your opinion may vary, but then, it’s your opinion and not mine.

And the length is just right. Runs something like 88/89 minutes. Perfect for the all action/hand-held approach they used. I’d say more, but I don’t want to dole out spoilers.

Anyway, if you’re an action movie junkie, I recommend it.

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