A new thing and second drafts

An update on what I’ve been doing:

1. Finished reading the Moneymaker first draft, with notations throughout. I’m betting I’ll rewrite most of the last half. That would have been spine-breaking to realize during the writing. It is only agonizing at this point.
2. Finished reading Three Coins first draft, with notations throughout. I’m doing the rewrite now, and expect to finish that this week. Should call the second draft officially finished by next week (as I’ll go through and do some sentence-level fixes after the rewrite. Does that turn the second draft into the third draft? Who is to say?)
3. Started something new called I Have a Bad Idea. Very very very very tentative title. It’s another short, about half the length of Three Coins (or it will be when finished). I’m targeting it for something very specific, so it has to be under a certain word count, and of a certain style (although the style thing is a plus, because it definitely favors the kind of thing I’m writing now).

And that’s it. It’s been a very busy week. There is also some potential job news on the horizon. This will be good, as everyone loves money. The bad, or maybe “less good”, is my writing time will take a hit, and I’ll have to find a new schedule that works for me and the family. Me want write good.

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