And I just found a big piece

A “eureka!” moment. I’ve read about it. Supposedly other writes catch this moment, but it’s been strangely absent from my writing life. Until today.

I’ve extricated myself from the beached whale that is the second draft of Moneymaker. It seems like it’s never going to come together, and that I need to do a total rewrite from Chapter 7 or 8. And I have no idea what to put on the page when I delete everything else.

I go for a run. Just me and some music.

Thump, thump, thump, my writing is shit, my writing is shit, my writing is shit, thump, thump, thump. This goes on for about 2.5 miles (are you impressed I can run 2.5 miles? If not, I mean 4.5 miles). And then…


Suddenly I have it. I’d been noodling with a scene in my head, the beginnings of which I’d had for months but it never seemed to fit. Suddenly it fit. Boy, did it fit! And it still led to a major event I had in the first draft. It made that major event even better. It actually flowed.

I am a golden god.

So back into the first draft I went. I’m still going to have to rewrite A LOT of Chapter Seven onward, but now I have confidence. Now I have the barest inklings of a plan.

Guess that’s why you have to keep at it.

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