All my projects update

I had a busy day, and word-wise got a lot done, although the work was scattered across three different pieces, so it’s hard to get my head around what I accomplished today.

Three Coins. I’ve done about seven more pages of the second draft, bringing me to page eight. There were originally twenty-one pages in the first draft, so I figure I’m about 1/3 done with the second draft. Yes — highly scientific.

The Soulless City. This has some elements from a short story I started nearly seven years ago. It was probably the first story I ever finished, and I actually shopped it a bit. It wasn’t very good, so not surprisingly nobody bought it. However, once I scrapped it I found a few good parts to use to build a better world (and, dare I say, I’m a better writer today than I was seven years ago). I wrote 1900 words on Soulless City today, building on what little I already had from noodling around a couple of weeks ago, bringing me to 3000 words. I’m not sure what this story is going to be yet. It feels like a novel, but I’m not positive yet.

Moneymaker. I didn’t really write anything on Moneymaker today, but did do some thinking about the story and what needs to happen. And I gave Chapter Two to my wife (insert nervous lip biting). She gets one more chapter, then I’m keeping her out until the second draft is done. Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it.

There. Seems like a fairly productive day, now that I’ve laid it out like that. I mean, it’s not coal-mining or anything, but still…

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