The Weekend Assignment

There’s a project up on AOL journals called “Weekend Assignment”, meant, I believe, to stimulate good blog conversation. It’s being run by Karen Funk Blocher. Today’s question was: “How is the WGA strike affecting you as a viewer? What show do you miss most?”

Well, it hasn’t affect me in a major way. I’ve been getting angrier and angrier with the major networks due to their cancellation of quality shows and worship of reality TV, and have switched mostly to shows on the non-major networks. Their schedules are in re-runs now, for the most part, so I’m not missing a lot. The Office and House are probably the two biggies. I’d say Journeyman, which I got sucked into despite swearing off any new network shows. Yes, yes, Quantum Leap Part Deux, but what Journeyman did that QL didn’t was probe into the traveler’s personal life. QL had one episode relating to Sam’s personal life and didn’t go very deep. Journeyman asked questions every week: how would “traveling” affect your spouse? Your job? How would you hide it? Wouldn’t it look like you had a mental, drug, or other problem, especially if you already had a history of abuse.

Hmmm…turned into a Journeyman rant. And the punchline to all that is Journeyman is cancelled anyway (I’m pretty sure about that. Love to hear otherwise).

As I was originally saying before THE RANT was that I’ve moved on, mostly, from network TV. I watch Rescue Me, the Closer, Battlestar Gallactica, Sunny in Philadelphia. Maybe two other network shows (LOST, 24). I know they’ll eventually be affected by the strike, but then I have a 100 item Netflix queue to turn to.

Oh yeah. And BOOKS!

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