Update and Chapter Two

I lied. Or rather, I was wrong. Apparently when I see my wife with a sheet of paper I leap to the conclusion that it MUST be my draft, because what else would one possibly carry about but MY WORK which is the most important thing ever and everything else is CRAP IN ALL CAPS and I really should learn to calm down.

In short — she hasn’t read it yet. I live to be crushed another day. Or maybe she’s reading it now. [shudder]

So, yeah, on to editing Chapter Two.

This chapter went much better, or maybe my process is better. My stages:

  1. Print out chapter
  2. Edit hard-copy ye olde-fashioned way, with ballpoint pen
  3. Re-type chapter from scratch, referring to marked up copy attached to monitor via ye olde-fashioned monitor copy holder
  4. Re-print and re-read edited chapter with ye blah, blah, blah…
  5. Make updates in electronic version

Went great for Chapter Two, or else Chapter Two is just better. Could be both. Anyway, I get to switch to Project X, which is my attempt at a paying writing job. Updates, if any, to follow.

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