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“Moneymaker” draft feedback and “Bad Idea”

My first reader gave me feedback on Moneymaker, and it wasn’t soul-crushing. Wo-hoo! I’m going over notes now, and will start hardcore revisions tomorrow. Back to a total focus on Moneymaker. This change is possible because I’ve finished Bad Idea. … Continue reading

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Start “hulking up” brother

I’m sure American Gladiators is killing brain cells. Many brain cells. But sometimes the brain just needs a rest. And Hulk Hogan does nothing if not rest the brain. Look out for those tennis balls, brother! In non-Hulk Hogan news, … Continue reading

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Giants – Pats???

Sigh…. Wow. I couldn’t have picked two more uninspiring choices. I assume the Pats will annihilate them. Probably over by the second quarter. wohoo….. There’s always hockey, I guess. Who gets the Versus network?

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Shorter piece done

The first and second drafts of Bad Idea (that long-ass title had to go) are done. Wo-hoo! I’ll dive into Draft Three next week, and start passing it around for reads. We’ll see if I’m just wasting my time or … Continue reading

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Snap judgement I’ll regret later

And another thing about Cloverfield reviews, specifically the complaint about the main characters being “yuppies”, and wouldn’t it have made a better movie to show “real” people. The cynical side of me says the movie reviewers are forced-ennui bohemian types … Continue reading

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