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Editing – It’s Not a Tumor

Wow. Just finished my first day of editing. I’ve never been this far before with a novel. The volume of changes I can make is staggering. There are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, sentence structure problems, character issues, and plot holes. … Continue reading

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Update on Moneymaker and Three Coins

Draft One of Three Coins is complete. Think I’ll let it marinate a few days before starting Draft Two. Draft Two of Moneymaker is underway. It’s . . . not bad. I’m surprised. Second half needs more work than the … Continue reading

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In which I admit I am a poser

I’ve been thinking a lot about life as a “real writer”. And not the fantasy anymore. Rather, the parts I know to be real. A schedule that is more or less my own (less the schedule for son, wife, promotion … Continue reading

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Short story Three Coins – first draft completed

I’ve just finished a short story called Three Coins. It’s about seven thousand words I think — I can’t be sure as some of it was written by hand on an airplane, and I haven’t typed it all in yet. … Continue reading

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Branching out into other areas where I lack skill – movie reviews

Just saw “I am Legend” No — it’s not the book, but the movie is never the book. It’s never bothered me as a read/movie goer, and I suspect it won’t bother should I ever win the life lotto and … Continue reading

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