Good recharge before the second draft

I may have already mentioned these books, but I’m lazy and I’m not going back to search my own blog to check. Besides, these books gave me a charge and should help in the rewriting/editing of my second draft. I’ve read a few of them before, but re-reading/skimming these books really helped. May I even suggest you read them in this order?

  1. The First Five Pages – Noah Lukeman
  2. The Frugal Editor – Carolyn Howard-Johnson
  3. On Writing – Stephen King

I have a few reference books as well:

  1. The Elements of Style – Strunk & White
  2. The Chicago Manual of Style

In my completely unpublished opinion, these are the only books you need. If I had to reduce it to three, I’d pick the Lukeman, King, and S&W books. Absolutely critical. And just who do I think I am, do give you such advice? I’m nobody. But you are reading, aren’t you?

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