Finding my way

I don’t know how to edit, or I didn’t. I’m slowly learning this as I stumble my way through the process. It did not occur to me at first, but I’ve never edited a novel before, as I’ve never finished a novel before now. It’s no wonder I’m stumbling.

But yesterday, in a rare Saturday work session, I think I got into my “groove” (I did get my groove back). I’m going to focus on the first chapter for now, polishing it over and over, until I’m ready to get user feedback. Then I’ll get user feedback. The idea is to make the first chapter — as the foundation of the book — pretty solid before I continue. This is, I think, a result of how I wrote the first draft. A more outline-centered author probably has a stronger first draft. As I explored as I went, there are more problems in my first draft. Only now am I working out some fundamental world issues I think I need to really make the novel solid. Yesterday I focused on the first chapter, even starting a rewrite from a blank page.

It’s working for me. Your mileage may vary.

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