Editing – It’s Not a Tumor

Wow. Just finished my first day of editing.

I’ve never been this far before with a novel. The volume of changes I can make is staggering. There are spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, sentence structure problems, character issues, and plot holes. And that’s just the stuff I see right away. It is, in a word, overwhelming.

I assume you get through this just like you get through writing the first draft–one day at a time.

Verb tense tripped me up for a good hour. I’d written in first person for most of the book, but went back and forth with past tense a lot in the first couple of chapters. Had to decide what felt right, and then make all those fixes. Of course, sometimes Kennedy tells stories about things that happened in the past, and then I need a tense shift anyway. Enough to make your head explode and your brain beg for mercy. Or something.

Something else is catching up to me: all the plot problems I pushed off while writing the first draft. “Ah, I’ll just fix those later.” Well, later has come calling.


I did “finish” one chapter today. Felt good, to get to the chapter break (oh, I did go through first and insert chapter breaks. When I wrote the first draft I didn’t have any chapter breaks. Personally, I’m still happy with that decision).

And to think–if I’m really lucky, and after months, if not years, of hard work, I might make $500-$5000 dollars.

I must love this.

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