Short story Three Coins – first draft completed

I’ve just finished a short story called Three Coins. It’s about seven thousand words I think — I can’t be sure as some of it was written by hand on an airplane, and I haven’t typed it all in yet. Underneath is a good concept I like, four men brought together who wouldn’t ordinarily spend time with each other. They are pursuing “the treasure”, although the story is more about the pursuit than the treasure, in a way. It is only a first draft, and there are some things to fix, although not nearly as many as I have to look forward to in Moneymaker (probably staring edits on that tomorrow).

I have written this short in a different perspective than Moneymaker. Moneymaker is first person. Three Coins is not, it’s third person close to omniscient. I’m concerned this may be too much too soon for me, and that it may be confusing. We’ll see when others read it, I suppose. I know a few other “struggling authors”, and will probably ask them how it works. I’ll pass along the feedback once I have it.

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