How I typed the words “THE END”

It’s kind of hard to believe. Draft one of what I have titled “Moneymaker” is complete. Wo-hoo!

The joy of finishing the first draft has been a bit tempered by the fact that the paying job I’ve been pursuing (that which was once off then on) appears to be off again. It’s not 100% dead, but the odds are long. Woe is me.

But wo-hoo for the first draft! Today I will give myself the rest of the day off. Then tomorrow I look at what I might have in the way of a short story, maybe tinker with something I have or creating something entirely new. Either way the goal is to submit to the proper publications somewhere after the holidays, to be doing that simultaneously with editing/re-writing the first draft.

And the word count for draft one: 77,245.

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