This is the end

I may regret that blog title, as I’m not actually at the end. But I’m getting close enough to consider the “hows” of the end. It’s scaring the living crap right out of my frail little girl-like body.

Initially the book was all about exploring the characters, and everyone knows that’s the best part. Then you start to get into the nuts and bolts of the story, and this time I think I found a way to make that more fun then it had been, by really focusing on character. To a certain extent I ignored the story and just let it happen.

Well now the story needs to end, and I feel I can no longer ignore it. I know the raw facts — who did what, and when — but I don’t know exactly how everything gets wrapped up, or how it doesn’t. Hail of gunfire? Clash of knuckles confrontation? Mild conversation followed by large fonted THE END? I’m really not sure.

I think (“think”) the best idea, as alien as it seems, is to keep focusing on the characters and just let the ending come. I’ll have to chop a bunch in re-writes, but if my logic holds the process of the ending will be more natural. Got my fingers crossed anyway.

And, wonders of all wonders, it appears the first draft will wrap somewhere around eighty thousand words, just like the experts say. Who knows how that turns out in rewrites, as I cut scads and write scads more, but it is interesting.

With any luck, I’m done with draft one before Christmas. Wo-hoo!

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