The worst day so far, but still 40k words

From this point forward I should be able to blog about the day-to-day of writing my book.

Today is shit.

I’m not feeling the character and his voice, at all. I still love this main character, but I’m not hearing his voice in my head. I think I’m getting too concerned with plot. It’s easy for me to get too concerned at this point, because there are probably a dozen threads floating around out there to tie or consciously leave untied.

I’m still at the keyboard, and I’m still producing. I want to be careful, though, that I don’t power through and churn out a bunch of crap and send the story in the wrong direction. The goal is keep writing only so long as the WRITING IS FUN!

Today hasn’t been miserable, but it certainly hasn’t been great.

On the plus side, I’m close to the big event of the middle of the book, or at least, I think I am. I’m hoping that once I get there (a couple of hundred words from now) that the “zing” will come back. Otherwise, I’ve got to back up and start deleting paragraphs/scenes. Ug. Sometimes must be done. But still…Ug.

And today officially hit 40000. Milestone for me in terms of words written in a semi-coherent story. Only a small milestone – I could write 90000 words and still have no story. Only true milestone at this point is finishing the first draft. But hey, looking for small victories to keep me going.

One word at a time, I guess.

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