One Word at a Time

Let’s say you were more realistic than I was. Let’s say you didn’t imagine the mansion, the Playboy bunnies, the massage with release. Let’s say you figured the first book would barely pay to heat and/or cool your miserable self.

Expectations may still need an adjustment.

It is easy, oh so easy, to focus on selling the book. That’s great and all, but I can’t. Not yet. Not until I’ve gone over it a thousand times. Certainly not 40000 words in.

What I’ve learned at this point is to focus on the scene I’m in, and — to a lesser extent — the scene or two to follow. What about the scope, the scale, the grand epic of the book? Stuff it. Doesn’t matter. Not now, at least not much, particularly in the first draft. It’s a distraction.

What do I know? Maybe nothing. If you’re reading this though…well, maybe I got published after all. Means maybe I know something you don’t. If you doubt, it’s time for me to twist the hat backward and pull an “Over the Top” on your ass. Bring it!

The point being, and a lot of authors say this but sometimes it bears repeating, “one word at a time”.

I already know what I want to talk about next, and I freely admit to stealing the idea from author Max Barry. The concept is the word ceiling, and it was key to me getting as far as I have gotten.

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